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So, Happy Thanksgiving USA!  
And ubber late Happy Thanksgiving to my neighbors up north in Canada. 
And other countries that happen to celebrate Thanksgiving or a similar holiday. 

But this Thanksgiving sucked rotten eggs....
Started out good...made a boneless turkey,  which totally cut down on cooking time and it was awesome. 

And then...ugh! What the eff did I do karma!?! 
My laptop was murdered by my niece. I dunno what she did...but it's not a working. 
I was going to get it looked at later, was going to pay for it with my black Friday money BUT THEN! 


My Koots got attacked by 2 'stray' Pit Mixes. 
I know they belong to my caddy corner neighbor family members, cause they ran into their yard after we started screaming at them....demon dogs! My other neighbor went and grab his shot gun, and dad got his gun out too after everything just in case they came back (Texans...we're all packing apparently...daddy's gun shocked me hashtag:Wheredidthatcomefrom)
...but they denied ownership and the dogs 'disappeared'. 

Animal controlled couldn't do anything cause they can't find the dogs or the owners (who is going to admit to owning those dogs? The fines alone are in the 1000s) 
Our neighborhood is on their ' watch list ', which means they will drive around more often in search of the dogs for about a week. But that's it!
My dog (and another...I really don't know what happen to that dog) was attacked and we have kids up and down this block. 

Since this happened on Sunday, every vet is closed.
We have an emergency clinic but it is expensive as fudge! And I got mix reviews and even the animal control guy said to avoid them. 
They do their job but they rack up the bill...
I cleaned out the bite wounds and bandage him up as best as I can and taking him tomorrow morning. 
He has about 6 puncture wounds and a pretty long gash right above his tail. 
He is totally freaked and in pain...can't even get him to go outside to pee. 

I'm totally pissed and scared and a whole bunch of other emotions. 
I totally blew up at my nephew, cause he was the one that let Koots outside without supervision...and he is 6. Feel really bad about it. 

Hope this doesn't cost a lot of money...cause money is tight. 

Just needed to let this of my chest. 
Hug your pets! 
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I draw what makes me happy!!
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